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Limits between the diverse systems of contents production are diluted and, at a time, contemporary micro-activisms tend to create ghettos that constrain free thinking.

Free wide thinking needs multidisciplinary and open approaches able to interrogate complex systems.

Is in this crossing where Barbarie-pensar con otros feels at ease. 

Barbarie is an idea arisen from the dialog and friendship between journalist and art critic Catalina Mena, lawyer and Spanish poet Silvia Veloso, museologist and translator Maria Luisa Figueroa and psychoanalyst and writer Constanza Michelson.


Thus, Catalina Mena contributes with relations and knowledge gathered through 20 years of carrier in Chile, both in cultural journalism, art critic and curatorship; Silvia Veloso, due to her permanent traveler condition and her wide range of interests, provides a keen eye on trends and global contents, contributing in addition with experience in communication, network management, tech and digital issues; Maria Luisa Figueroa makes a double contribution that combines intertextuality and multicultural vision from her experience in translation and museology and Constanza Michelson injects her active trajectory as columnist and writer as well as her expertise in social analysis and political phenomena using psychoanalysis as an effective interpretative tool.


Barbarie-pensar con otros is a platform focused in discussion and creation, communication and management of cultural subjects that works as a multidisciplinary and open space, aiming to share ideas and to develop projects.


Our methodology is open. We are interested in contemporary culture, from communication to projects’ management as well as curatorship and own publishing activity and research.  

We believe in dialogue as a powerful engine for political and social change and so in this belief, we also promote instances of meeting between thinkers, managers, institutions, companies, artists, writers, academics, etc.


In addition, we have developed consultancy programs for cultural projects. Inscribed in this line is the Visual Arts Creators Personalized Program guided by Catalina Mena.

Contenidos y Gestión Cultural | Comunicación
Contenidos y Gestión Cultural | Comunicación
Contenidos y Gestión Cultural | Comunicación
Contenidos y Gestión Cultural | Comunicación

In times close to brain-machine interface and collective-thinking, copyright is over.

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